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News:  New Low saturation voltage VCE (sat) IGBT

Published: Saturday 14 March, 2015

Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) today introduced new low saturation voltage VCE (sat) IGBT. Such IGBT designed for low switching frequency range of 50Hz to 20kHz optimized. This range of switching frequencies common in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and photovoltaic inverters and inverter welding machine. The new series is based on TRENCHSTOP ™ 5 L5 thin wafer technology, the already low conduction losses due to optimized carrier structure has been further reduced.


With 25 ° C, typical saturation voltage (VCE (sat)) to 1.05 V proud achievements, success will enhance the efficiency of these new IGBT level to a new level - with L5 series instead of its predecessors TRENCHSTOP IGBT, make efficiency gains of up to 0.1% in the NPC1 topology, lifting 0.3% in NPC 2 topology. Plus the VCE (sat) temperature coefficient is positive, while maintaining high efficiency but also a direct parallel - establish frequencies below 20kHz IGBT industry benchmark. Casting new L5 Series soul TRENCHSTOP5 technology, not only to provide unparalleled low conduction losses, but also the total switching losses at 25 ℃ down to 1.6 mJ. In summary, the use of Infineon's new low saturation voltage at low switching frequency IGBT applications can improve efficiency, increase reliability and reduce system size.

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The first wave of launch of the new L5 IGBT series uses industry-standard TO-2473-pin packaging technology. In addition, in order to meet the need to further enhance the efficiency of applications, Infineon also provides TO-247 4-pin Kelvin - emitter Package Version (Kelvin-Emitter package) of L5 IGBT. Compared with standard TO-247 3-pin package version, TO-247 4-pin package version switching losses reduced by 20%. Therefore, L5 and a 4-pin package combines 247 TO-, not only created the ultimate version of the low conduction losses and low switching energy results, but also help consolidate Infineon in providing highly innovative and distinctive market for high-power products leadership.


New low saturation voltage L5 Series 30A and 75A have two sizes, one is in the form of a single IGBT, the other co-equipped Infineon Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 ultrafast silicon diodes. TO-247 4-pin Kelvin - emitter package version has a 75A specifications.

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