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POE power supply module power supply 48V 1A poe poe power combiner AP Bridge poe Power PSE-4801

POE power supply module power supply 48V 1A poe poe power combiner AP Bridge poe Power PSE-4801


  • Model: PSE-4801
  • Shipping Weight: 350g
  • Manufactured by: HuiHai
Min:  10 Units:  10

Product Description

Currently, most suitable for AP, bridge using POE power supply, 48V 1A, low-cost mini-POE power supply, especially suitable for conversion bridges and CPE use.

  • Model: PSE-4801
  • Input: 100-240V MAX(90-265V)
  • Output: 48V 1A
  • Use: Normal 100 meters
  • Network PIN: 1236
  • Power supply pins: 45 + 78 -
  • Features:

    Single-port network remote power supply has the following excellent properties:
    1 power supply with input over voltage, output over voltage, output over-current and short circuit protection.
    2 System Reliability: MTBF> 100k hours.
    3 Conducted interference (CE) and radiation interference (RE), meet EN55022, CLASS B standards.
    4 Lightning Features: AC input, can withstand 5KB, 8/20uS impact of current waveforms, plus or minus five times, each time between 1 minute; lightning protection circuit failure alarm function and insurance management and other security components.

    Technical characteristics and parameters:

    1 Input voltage: 90VAC ~ 280VAC, 47Hz ~ 63Hz
    (2) Maximum output power: 40W
    3 Output voltage accuracy:-48VDC ± 2%
    4 Load regulation:-48VDC ± 1%
    5 Operating ambient temperature range: -5 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
    6 DC output broadband noise voltage: 3.4kHz ~ 150kHz ≤ 50mv
    7 two RJ-45 ports support 10/100Mbps Link Rate
    8.Date & Power Out port supports 48V DC output

    AP Bridge POE Application:

    ip camera network camera telephone network using:

  • Package Contents:

    POE standard power supply system of the main parameters are:
    1 between 44 ~ 57V voltage , typically 48V.
    (2) to allow maximum current of 550mA, the maximum starting current of 500mA.
    3 Typical operating current is 10 ~ 350mA, overload detection current 350 ~ 500mA.
    4 in the no-load conditions, the maximum required current 5mA.
    5 for PD devices 3.84 ~ 12.95W five levels of electric power request , the maximum does not exceed 13W.

    Operating environment
    1 Ambient temperature : -5 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
    (2) Relative humidity : 5% ~ 90% RH
    3 ventilation , clean, non-conductive dust , corrosive gases
    4 no explosion hazard

    Remote power supply protection:
    Output overvoltage protection range :-52VDC ~-50VDC
    Overcurrent protection ( Single ): 800Ma ~ 1000Ma
    Overvoltage Protection : Input voltage greater than 290VAC ~ 310VAC
    Overvoltage recovery point : Input voltage greater than 285VAC
    Undervoltage protection : Input voltage less than 140VAC ~ 155VAC
    Undervoltage recovery point : Input voltage less than 165VAC
    Over-temperature protection :> 100 ℃

    Dimensions and weight:

    Width : 58mm
    Length : 120mm
    Height : 38mm
    Weight : ≤ 210g

    POE power supply working process
    When arranged in a network PSE power supply terminal devices , POE Power over Ethernet working process is as follows.
    1 Detection
    A start , PSE device small voltage at the output port until it detects a connection to a cable terminal supports the IEEE 802.3af standard receiving end device.
    2. PD terminal equipment classification
    When the device detects the receiving end after PD , PSE device may be classified as PD devices , and equipment required for evaluating this PD power loss .
    3 Begin supply
    In a configurable time ( generally less than 15μs) startup period , PSE device starts from a low voltage power supply to the PD device up to provide 48V DC power supply.
    4 Power supply
    Equipment for the PD to provide a stable and reliable 48V DC , to meet the PD device does not cross 15.4W power consumption.
    5 off
    If the PD is disconnected from the network , PSE will quickly ( generally within 300 ~ 400ms ) stopping power for the PD device and repeat the detection process to detect the cable terminal is connected PD devices .

    The principle of POE powered through the cable

    Standard UTP cable has four twisted pairs , but l0M BASE-T and 100M BASE-T uses only one of the two pair. IEEE80 2.3af allows two kinds of usage, the application is idle foot powered, 4,5 pin connector is positive , 7,8 pin connection is the negative.
    When application data pin power supply , the DC power applied to the transmit transformer the midpoint does not affect the data transmission. In this way downline pair of 1,2 and 3,6 can be any polarity.
    Standard does not allow application of the above two cases simultaneously . PSE power supply devices offer only one usage, but the power PD applications must be able to adapt to both.

    What is POE?

    POE (Power Over Ethernet) refers to the existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure Cat.5 do not make any alteration in the case, for a number of IP-based terminal (such as IP telephones, wireless LAN access point AP, network cameras, etc.) transmit data signals at the same time, but also for providing DC power supply such equipment technology.

    POE power supply benefits

    1, which saves costs. Because it only needs to install a cable instead of two. In many cases, difficult to deploy to be installed in place of the AC power. With the device connected to the Ethernet increases if do not need to provide local power equipment, will greatly reduce the cost of deployment and simplify manageability.
    2, it is easy to install and manage. Customers can automatically and safely mix legacy devices on the network and PoE devices can coexist with existing Ethernet cables.
    3, it is safe. Because the PoE end devices powered devices will only need to supply. Only powered device is connected to the Ethernet cable will have a voltage is present, thereby eliminating the risk of leakage current on the line.
    4, it is easy to manage network devices.

    Power indicator

    Indicator light: Indicates that the power is working properly, the normal power supply.

    LED OFF: Indicates that the power does not work.

    Power during normal operation, insert the output lines, the light is off when overload or short circuit protection, power electrical equipment may be too high, or the network cable shorted electrical equipment damage.

  • POE power supply module power supply 48V 1A poe poe power combiner AP Bridge poe Power PSE-4801

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